On the afternoon of June 7, 2017, Dr. Amadeu Santacana, Associate Professor of ETSAV, Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), was invited to give a lecture in School of Art and Design, Beijing Institute of Technology. The theme of the lecture which was presided over by Zhao Mei, associate professor, is “Everything Behind”.

Dr. Santacana introduced his own ideas and thinking from three aspects, including design practice, editing practice and teaching research, emphasizing the exploration and establishment of the links between things to stimulate more application possibilities, which is the first part of the lecture— “Behind me”. Through years’ teaching experience and cooperation with other universities, he made a conclusion that: “to study” is more important than “to teach” and we should better enjoy the difficulties we met and pay more attention to the practice. The second part is “Behind architecture”, which contained the interaction of space and behavior, effect of multi collision behavior, time as a design element and difference between the real world and what we see and consider, etc. He also emphasized that we should explore the inherent not just the appearance when doing designing works.

After the lecture, Dr. Santacana and students shared their ideas and opinions about design. What’s more, he encourages everyone to do active research and take advantage of the renewable resources and natural conditions. Finally, Ji Yong, Vice President of School of Art and Design, made a concluding speech to express his gratitude to Professor Santacana and hoped that both institutions would continue to strengthen cooperation and exchanges.