In October 19, 2016, Humphrey and Carol, two professors from London School of Economics and Political Science; Ms. Long Hong, Executive Vice President of Shenzhen Electronic Industry Association; Mr. Ouyang Jun, Chairman of the board of Beijing Micro-Vision New Epoch Technology Co., Ltd and Mr. Zhang Xu, the General manager together with other two people visited our School of Design and Art, Beijing Institute of Technology and conducted academic exchanges.

Professor Humphrey, the member of the Royal Society, is an expert on innovation and creativity, group collaboration and systemic design. Professor Humphrey and Carol made a detailed introduction to the academic achievements of years’ research and their application in social practice. We exchanged views on the methods of strengthening academic exchanges and cooperation. This visit has enhanced mutual understanding and trust of both of us and helped to make a further plan, which is better for the establishment of long-term academic exchanges.